Self Indulgent Podcast Ep. 3

Self Indulgent Podcast Ep. 3

February 04, 2016 @ 10:30 AM Air Times THURSDAYS 6:30PM - 8:30PM PST Episode Title SIP 260 Episode # 03 Duration: 1:22:30 Size 153MB Description

SIP260Square 800x800Andy Rice joins us this week.

1:53 Topher dances in a thong on Periscope and buys panties at Target
4:34 Bradman gets one of Shaun’s broadcasts taken down
6:50 Bradman’s email to Periscope about Shaun
11:10 Bradman says he’s on a higher level than Shaun
23:35 The last time Andy Rice was on, he went into great detail about his sex life with his gf and it seemed to lead to their split
36:55 Andy went to Vegas and had the smoothest moment of his life while his friend barfed all over himself
46:50 Andy’s insane Wal-mart prank
54:36 Shaun’s experience at the cat adoption
58:45 Tophers Meth Double Date
1:08:35 A man cries when his family eats cooked food
1:16:20 Shaun’s new most favorite video of all time