Self Indulgent Podcast Ep. 1

Self Indulgent Podcast Ep. 1

January 21, 2016 @ 10:30 AM Air Times Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm PST Episode Title I'm A Man Episode # 01 Duration: 1:30:45 Size 85MB Description

ImAManSquare 270x270Chris Robinson joins us this week

4:15 Topher pulled out his dick the first time he met Chris
8:14 Stories from Scope Summit and Joey asking for money
23:40 Chris was a Jehovah’s witness and was kicked out of his house for doing comedy
30:00 Chris has a big announcement
37:14 Devon Sweeney updates us on his week
50:52 Revisiting last weeks fight
57:21 Shaun tells a man he saw his girlfriend with another man
1:00:36 Shaun pretends to be a drug dealer and A MAN threatens him
1:11:00 Bree Olson screams at a customer service rep
1:17:43 A Bill Cosby dis track
1:21:01 A racist dude at a protest