Self Indulgent Podcast Ep.12

Self Indulgent Podcast Ep.12

May 08, 2016 @ 8:30 PM Air Times THURSDAYS 6:30PM - 8:30PM PST Episode Title Cover Girl Plus Tax Episode # 12 Duration: 2:06;13 Size 115.0M Description

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Sorry for the quality of the audio for the first 20 min.
Buying weed while working in retail
Keith Carey will being going to Adult-Con in place from Joey
Shaun reads a note that a man left for his girlfriend at the laundry mat
Our show virgin, Gregory33 calls in and we figure out what he does & doesn’t know about sex
SIP Investigates the B-Man
SJW News: Trigglypuff, Ghostbusters is the most down-voted movie trailer on Youtube and feminists believe its “1000% misogyny”.
Terry Holt wants us to know Sarah Palin is a horrible mother
We call “Cigs” and she talks about talking all the drugs the night before and even finding a random powder on the ground

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